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  Fabulous Group (Xiamen) Co., Ltd was invested and established by British Virgin Islands Fabulous International Holdings Co., Ltd. in April, 2002 with the registered capital of 20 million dollars. Its business scope covers integrated sales of steel structures, curtain wall, building materials, sanitary and bathroom equipment, and household electric appliances, and manufacturing of electronic technique/integrated circuit/semiconductor and other electron devices , as well as design, research and development, manufacturing and sales of intelligent devices and etc. Always following the purpose of “Quality First, Credibility First and First-rate Service” and adhering to the management idea of “Strive for survival on the basis of quality and Pursue development with credibility”, F......

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How to clean and maintain the daily white sand beig

How to clean and maintain the daily white sand beig

White sand beige stone is mainly used in hotels and guesthouses. However, white sand beige stone will appear one or the other after a period of use. How to clean and maintain the white sand beige stone? Next, we...



How are ordinary stone cylinders formed?

Stone column refers to the solid core or hollow core column for architectural decoration processed from marble and granite. The standard stone column includes three parts: column ba...




How to care for bluestone slabs?

The bluestone floor paving is a common engineering paving method, as well as the dry hanging of classical buildings, the carving of retro characters and animals, and the carving of ...




How to maintain stone in wet weather in rainy season?

Stone maintenance and construction are generally carried out on dry boards. Therefore, in the rainy season, since the rainy season brings various troubles to the stone maintenance a...


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